AngelStar Angel Coins Collector Pocket Purse 1289

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The quality is apparent in these beautiful Coins which are minted on a press originally from the Philadelphia Mint. These high quality gifts have the look and feel of a collectible coin. You will receive 1 each of all 6 designs.

  • Minted on a press originally from the Philadelphia Mint
  • Six (1 of each design) Angel coins
    • Angel of Courage
    • Protected by Angels / In God We Trust
    • Protected by Angels
    • Faith Hope Wisdom Courage Inspiration / Reach for the Stars
    • Blessing Coin / May your life be filled with Blessings as you walk your path each day.
    • Reflection / Protected by Angels surrounded by Love
  • 6 coins weigh 73 grams (2.5 ounces)
  • Made of nickel free zinc alloy
  • Designed and minted in the USA


Holidays and Memories is proud to have the opportunity to offer AngelStar inspirational products to touch peoples lives in a positive way.