Dept 56 Northern Lights Power Station & Expert North Pole Village 6003112

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Running a toy workshop around the clock uses a lot of electricity. Thankfully for Santa, elf scientists have harnessed the power of the Northern Lights into a limitless source of clean energy! Featuring plasma globe creating electric light effect and head of elf science Static Electricity expert.

  • Introduced January 2019
  • Northern Lights Power Building approximately 7.4 in H x 4.72 in W x 6.89 in L
  • Static Electricity Expert Figure approximately 1.5 in H x 1.1 in W x 1.9 in L
  • Meticulously hand crafted and intricately hand painted porcelain
  • Special Lighting feature. LED lit. Hard wired AC adapter included.
  • For indoor use only, do not expose to moisture.
  • Each boxed separately