Disney Darkwing Duck Crime Fighter Drake Mallard Britto 6001012

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Darkwing Duck as he’s never been seen before! The crime fighting mallard might have a little trouble blending in with his newly colorful cape and hat, reimagined in Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s iconic pop art style.

  • Introduced: January 2018
  • Approx. 7.95 in H x 4.53 in W x 7.87 in L
  • Combines classic Disney characters with pop art designs
  • Captures Darkwing Duck in vibrant hand painted detail
  • Handcrafted in high quality stone resin
  • Designed by Romero Britto
  • Boxed

As a talented and creative child growing up in Brazil, Romero often painted images on any medium he could find, including scraps of cardboard and newspaper. Britto continued his innate love for learning and commitment to excellence, eventually moving to Miami, Florida in 1989 where he lives today. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., he was commissioned by Michel Roux, founder of Absolut Art Ad Campaign, to reinterpret the famous bottle. This campaign launched his career, and today Britto’s paintings and sculptures are exhibited in more than 100 galleries worldwide. He has been tapped to bring a unique visual interpretation to world renowned brands such as Disney, Movado, Pepsi, Evian, Microsoft X-Box, and Audi. Britto's art combines cubism, pop art and graffiti painting, and is in constant evolution. His artwork conveys an honesty that reflects his desire to use colors which exude happiness. It is a reflection of what words fail to express about the joys of life.