KNOX Christmas Scents Incense Cones Myrrh Sandal Pine 015100X

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KNOX incense cones, family owned company with more than 150 years of tradition, made in Germany

  • 24 assorted Christmas scents (myrrh, sandal and pine)
  • For use in incense smoker with a minimum size 7 inches (18 cm)
  • Incense cone approximately 1 1/8" H
  • Unlimited shelf life if kept in dry storage
  • Made in Germany
  • Boxed

Family owned for over 150 years, KNOX brand still remains true to the well kept secret recipes of the chemist who invented them. Natural aromatic ingredients like exotic tree resins, rare roots and barks, fragrant blossoms and flavorful spices are freshly ground, processed right away and carefully dried. Only in this way is it possible to preserve the natural essence that gives KNOX incense cones their unmistakable aroma and traditinoal fragarance.