AngelStar Guardian Eagle Ride Free Biker Motorcycle Spirit Bell 17455


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The legend of the Spirit Bell tells of it's protection on the open road, warding off evil spirits and road gremlins. The soft tinkling of the bell keeps them from bringing their bad luck to your or your loved ones bike. These bells are meant to be given as a gift, carrying the love of the giver with it to its new home. This Bell features detailed text "Ride Free" around the back of the Bell with a winged helmet and goggled on the front.

  • Spirit Bell is 1 5/16" Tall. Bell with ring is approximately 2 1/2" tall
  • Made of nickel free zinc alloy
  • Easily attached these to your keys or motorcycle with the key ring or by simply using a zip-tie!
  • Designed in the USA, handcrafted in China

Holidays and Memories is proud to have the opportunity to offer AngelStar inspirational products to touch peoples lives in a positive way.